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BUC levels between North Europe & Med. and SAWC, Central America & Venezuela 06/06/2013

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company wishes to advise clients of the Bunker Contribution (BUC) for all cargo between North Europe & Mediterranean and SAWC & Central America / Venezuela ports for July 2013 as follows :


NWC & Med. to SAWC :


  • EUR € 536 per TEU for DV
  • EUR € 611 per TEU for Reefer



SAWC to NWC, Med. & Relay :


  • USD 800 per TEU for DV
  • USD 900 per TEU for Reefer



NWC & Med. to Central America & Venezuela :


  • EUR € 436 per TEU for DV
  • EUR € 511 per TEU for Reefer



Central America & Venezuela to NWC, Med. Relay :


  • USD 700 per TEU for DV
  • USD 800 per TEU for Reefer



Please be guided accordingly

Latin America Trade


Further information about the subject can be obtained from your local MSC Agency Office


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